Miroslav Sanytrák – photographer OK9FER, Miroslav Sanytrák, Unhošť , Kladno | Constructors F1

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Miroslav Sanytrák – photographer OK9FER, Miroslav Sanytrák, Unhošť , Kladno | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Miroslav Sanytrák – photographer

Miroslav Sanytrák | 18.1.07 | O mne


I was first taken into the dark chamber by my uncle Paul in 1968. I remember it happened on some holiday and there were tanks on the square in Svermovo, so I took my first images in the “war time” of the sixty-eighth year. I had an Optinet from my father and a Pioneer. I made photos as the time went and my free time was filled with observations of nature, where I had excellent teachers – RNDr. Josef Korelus, biology teacher, Jaroslav Zelenka, old jack-of-all-jobs and a forest man. I could approach practically anything running or flying in the woods at the distance of 3-5 m. I still can imitate sounds of some beasts, which helped me to merge with the environment. I used many cameras – Flexarets, Canons, Pentaxes, pro Zenza Bronica ETRSi and Leica M6 TTL, Bessa L etc. I was lucky to become a member of the Kladno Photoclub, then I ceased to take photos for quite a long time. “Only” as a patrol in the National Park Krivoklatsko, where I enjoyed myself with a Russian photo-rifle, which was a tough job. A visitor at one of my exhibitions once called me the “Photographer of the Krivoklat region.” I guess it’s true, I still take pictures there as an escape and relax, however not so often lately. I set up a business in photography in May 1989 and still run it, though scarcely, there is no time.

            It used to be my living in 1990-91, or a way to pay the loans. I didn’t take photos for almost 3 years and studied. In 1993 I met Mr. photographer Josef Sekal, who gave me several photographic slaps on the face and made me stand upright again. My photographic career reach the professional level, shooting fashion shows, portraits and mainly landscapes. My other teacher was Mr. Jiri Cesak.

            Nowadays I am still into the photo business and keep taking images of cars and Formula 1, when I can get there. I also photograph people. I am beginning to exhibit again. I still use the camera, which has become a part of me. As Josef says, the real photographer keeps the camera on himself anytime, you never know when you need it. I am a supporter of Canon, although they never supported me.




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