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Fernando Alonso in Prague

Sanco | 15.6.09 | Aktuality


On 8 June 2009 The Teaching Hospital in Motol experienced an unforgettable day. As part of thanksgiving to ING, one day after the Turkish GP, the double World Champion of Formula 1 and The Climber of the Year in F1 2005 Fernando Alonso visited the CR. A busy program finished by a press conference in a tent, built for the purpose, in the entrance hall of the hospital.

The press conference was hosted by Mr Turek, who seemed to let only to the journalists to his liking speak, overlooking me, although I was the first to raise my hand. However, I managed literally to overpower the lady with the microphone. I reminded Mr Alonso of his victory in our reader's poll Climber of the Year in F1 2005 and presented him with a Memorial Leaf including a glass rock with logos and the hint to the day spent in the CR, Prague 8 June 2009. I thanked him for the work he is doing for ING and wished him all well and a lot of success. Fernando was obviously embarrassed and you could feel a certain "surprise" at the others as well. He thanked a lot and shook my hand. The whole "ceremony" was documented by at least 20 photographers. After the press conference I had the honour to present a little gift to Alonso's manager - 2 cut glass cups from our general sponsor RÜCKL CRYSTAL a.s., 267 05 Nižbor 141, Czech Republic.I began to prepare for the action about one week in advance - I step-measured the distance from my chair to the desk, timed my speech so I wouldn't waste anybody's time - in my bag, which I normally use for my lectures, I prepared everything, including a Canon 400D camera. I understood that asking for a possibility to present the Memorial Leaf officially would mean automatic refusal, as it is usual in our country. Every crossing the line, an interesting project you want to do without "a sellebrity" is inevitably viewed upon with malice and anger in their eyes. Whoever dared to come up with some Climber of the Year in F1? The Memorial Leaf I made at home with my Canon printer, I bought the frame at Milan Skoda in the Centrum FotoSkoda as you can't find better range anywhere else. It was interesting that though the press conference was due to start at 2pm, at 1.30 the carpets were still being glued to the floor with the already gathering visitors as witnesses. The security guys, following their instructions to the last word of their professional pride let only accredited journalists in. Mr Fernando Alonso and his suite, however, appeared as early as 1.30pm, the carpets just having been glued up, and a scandal was warded off. I wish you would have seen the rush and embarrassment who of the organizers should do what. But the end's well, all's well, mainly thanks to Mr Turek, the Czechs can do anything and are able to improvise. After the press conference, there was a buffet and, as it is a habit here, everyone just attacked the food. Really, I felt virtually ashamed by the behaviour of some present, but what can you do, many do not have "kinderstube".

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