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Formula 1 The Knowledge, 2nd Edition F1,Formule 1, construct, konstrukce | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Formula 1 The Knowledge, 2nd Edition

David Hayhoe | 9.8.19 | Aktuality

Formula 1 The Knowledge, 2nd Edition

Three years after the successful first edition, there’s now a second, updated and larger edition (544 pages).



It contains many new ideas for analysing Formula 1 plus some amusing (and not amusing) stories. The section of F1 regulations is significantly extended and the number of sections has been increased by over 200, to 1,260.


- Updated and extended second edition, published by Veloce Publishing.

- Many new ideas of analysing Formula 1 World Championship.

- Over 100 pages bigger than the first edition (now 544 pages).

- A section on drivers in trouble with the law. Amusing stories and some serious ones.

- A section on wildlife intruders, profiles of F1 drivers in the Olympic games.

- Stories of drivers who pushed their car at the end of a grand prix.

- Stories of when there was a national anthem mix-up on the podium.

- Drivers descended from royalty and aristocracy.

- An expanded appendix of the development of regulations, running to several pages.  




  • There are only a handful of expert Formula 1 Statisticians, and none is more dedicated than David Hayhoe. He had better get working on version 3. F1 Racing magazine
  • You are a brave man for publishing section 744... It is a great revision of your first book. FM, Spain
  • DH’s quest for detail and dissection and analysis of even the minutest details offers a unique insight into the highest level of motorsport. A highly absorbing, interesting, revealing and entertaining work that gives a completely new slant and new ideas on how to look at Formula 1. Club Lotus
  • Thank you very much for this second volume of F1 The Knowledge. What an amazing book! And extending the section on the F1 regulations was a very good idea. I can’t think of any question/statistical data that has not been answered. Wolfgang, Germany
  • The author is not just playing with numbers, but collecting an enormous amount of data and examining the racing circus from aspects like no other writer before. Autosportes Formula, Hungary
  • The leading Formula 1 statistics book out there. Richard Jenkins,
  • It sucks you in, the headings to the sections arousing curiosity and leading from one to another as you turn the pages. David Hayhoe has an eye for curious coincidences… British Racing Drivers’ Club magazine
  • Meticulously researched and detailed deconstruction of Formula 1 by every metric you can think of. net
  • Indispensable material. I will use it every week to retrieve statistics and enrich not only my radio program but also my F1 articles. Marpla, Argentina
  • What an amazing book! I can’t think of any question/statistical data that has not been answered. WP, Germany




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