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Four-wheeler E-Ton Vector 250 F1,motorky, motoxpress, formule 1, konstrukce, construct, J.Čejchan | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Four-wheeler E-Ton Vector 250

J.Čejchan tex i foto | 16.9.06 | J.Čejchan - Moto

Jan Čejchan

The cross bike on four wheels

The product range of E-TON in ATV-Center, Prague-Chuchle now covers as many as 10 models. It starts with a forty ccm machine for children for 39,000 CZK and stretches to the Vector ST VXL 250 for 134,000 CZK, equipped and approved for public roads.
The E-TON Vector ST VXL 250 four-wheeler wears a futuristic coat, sharp edges of the bodywork plastic panels and lights covers, including the blinkers, gave the machine a modern and aggressive look.The engines are quite powerful, obviously suitable for the category and probably also reliable in the long terms. E-TON Vector 250 is powered by fluid cooled four-stroke single cylinder. The engine operates in the heat regime controlled by a sensor, which starts an electric fan behind the radiator. Therefore you don't have to be afraid of overheating even at low speeds, which was very useful during the test.
We have already tested the same engine like in the four wheeler Vector ST VX 250 also in another four wheeler Kymco 250 (MOTOXPRESS 5, December 2005) where it showed reliability, enough power and surprising torque both during a sports ride and a longer swift tourist trip.The Vector's 250 chassis belongs to sophisticated constructions, with the wheel hubs suspended by upper and lower arms, as it is usual at sports four wheelers of classes with bigger capacities. Progressive suspension and shock absorbers correspond with today's high standards.
The control of the power unit equipped with centrifugal clutch and variable-speed gearbox is simple, just using the throttle and a stick changing going forward or backward.The fluid disc brakes with a combined control and function are truly advanced and work perfectly, also because they involve a number of adjusting elements. There are Bowden cables from the levers on the handlebars to the hydraulics brake cylinders for the front and rear wheel, or you can control all four brakes from the pre-set foot brake. The rear axle brake piston may also be activated by a parking brake lever, positioned in a clever way, so that it prevents grabbing the right handlebar when the parking brake is applied.What's the conclusion then? E-TON Vector ST VX 250 is definitely one of the most pleasant four-wheelers of the medium sized chassis in the 250 ccm category. It is easy to handle both the engine and brakes. The Vector's 250 forward-backward shifting is the best of all similar machines I had a chance to test.The modern sports design didn't allow the manufacturer to mount a real carrier, usual for working machines. However, there is place to mount a big boot, which is enough to satisfy the normal need for store place. The tested vehicle featured also the third brake light made of LED diodes on the GIVI boot cover, attached only by removable contacts that do not make the boot removal difficult. The E-TON Vector 250 may also be mounted with a trailer hinge.



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