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From carts to Formula 1 F1,motorky, motoxpress, formule 1, konstrukce, construct, J.Čejchan | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

From carts to Formula 1

J.Čejchan tex i foto | 30.12.04 | J.Čejchan - Moto

Jan Čejchan

From carts to Formula 1

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Know unknown - a cart. A toy for big children? A toy for adults? Sports equipment? A working monopost miniature? Yes, yes, yes, yes. And a little more.

It is hard to believe that in our time, so much hungry for adrenalin sports, the carts are not more popular. Vehicles of incomparably lower both purchase and running costs than any other sources of adrenalin. And exploiting that source is so easy and safe! Yes, I dare say, that a cart is the safest and cheapest way to amazing driving experience even for amateur drivers. Its handling, dynamics and corner performance is closest to formulas. Therefore a majority of the best contemporary Formula 1 drivers started with carts.Moreover, opposite to other performance cars, you can rent a cart very easy, for example in the Kart-centrum Radotin near Prague. There is the longest indoor cart track in Europe, 800m open all year round, regardless of weather (, in the bikers' winter break, we gladly accepted the invitation to the fourth year of the Winter Carts Cup, taking place on 30 December 2004 at the car track in Sosonova. The weather appeared to be pretty unusual, there was no snow. Not that the snow would be ideal for carts, but the Winter Cup is more a fun event than real sport.For that reason, Dalibor Gondik brought his little son along to give him a ride. And MOTOXPRESS invited a young supermotard rider Jan Vodochodsky to bring a little excitement into the intervals with his 125ccm KTM.And the race itself? Teams three-hour race with changing drivers, both sharp and relaxed race. Do not ask about the winner, as that was not the important thing. Important were the carts themselves, the feelings and joy of driving.
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