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Front wheels suspension F1,Formule 1, construct, konstrukce | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Front wheels suspension

Boris Dacko; | 1.3.07 | Přední závěs kol

F1 construct

The front wheels suspension is similar to the rear one (see The Rear Wheels Suspension). Only the architecture and installation of individual parts is different, due to the limited space of the front part of the car, the steering gears and, on the contrary, the absence of the propelling shafts. The wishbone suspension consists of a pair of triangle arms on each side. The big and hollow upper arm also houses the steering bar, which helps the constructors to reduce the number of aerodynamics unfriendly parts. The spring system is inside the car, the wheel movements being transferred by angled bar which transmits the motion to the triangle balance beam in the body. The axis of rotation of the beam is the roll bar, with its mouth in the front part. Having removed the nose with the front wing mechanics are able to adjust the roll bar.


In the corner, attached to the balance beam, there are not only the springing units, i.e. springs and dampers, but also other mechanism, which might be perhaps described as another roll bar. It is designed to keep the car as levelled as possible in the corner and thus prevent the car from tilting. The constant height of the chasis above the road is especially important for maintaining the chasis aerodynamics when the car is cornering.






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