GP of Germany : Hockenheim-Hockenheimring thursday 22.7.2010, 16.30 hodin. | Constructors F1

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GP of Germany : Hockenheim-Hockenheimring thursday 22.7.2010, 16.30 hodin. | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

GP of Germany : Hockenheim-Hockenheimring thursday 22.7.2010, 16.30 hodin.

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The communication with the communication manager of Red Bull has been on an excellent level since the beginning of 2010, when the team learned about the victory in The Climber of the Year in F1 for Mark Webber, who was elected by our readers. The cups, The Climber of the Year in F1 trophy, were manufactured by Rückl Crystal a.s. in Nizbor like every year.

The communication went well as far as the last week, when the information about the time and venue of the presenting ceremony came. It was scheduled, like every year, to the the German GP. The last email brought the information about the presenting being done directly by me, right in the team's motorhome, where I was invited by Red Bull Racing.Red Bull Racing Team welcomed me as if I was a member of the team. Before the audience there was some waiting in front of the paddock entrance, where I got a little wet, because of weather, so I was a little off balance when the team's communication manager's assistant and I arrived at the Red Bull Racing Motorhome, where the photographer Jiri Krenek had been already waiting for me. The first thing I got from him were paper towels so that I could dry myself up (he congratulated me on the success - after six years I finally managed to get to the presenting ceremony in person), immediately I got a big cup of coffee and interesting communication started. Thanks to the weather, the motorhome was completely full, there were a number of photographers, just next to me Mark Webber was being interviewed by David Coulthard. After a while Mark got up and came over to my table, where, with the background of Jirka Krenek's and other photographers camera shutters clicking, the trophy and the certificate were handed over, afterwards the teams chief Mr Christian Horner came to collect the trophy and the certificate for the team, everything was very friendly. After the hand over I kept mumbling "I am happy, I am happy" and pointing to both managers who took care of me - "I love you!! I love you!!" explaining this is my first time I am personally in F1. Then they told me they would show me round the team's garage, so that I could take a look at everything, which also happened (see the photos in the VIP section of the garage of Red Bull Racing).That was my first visit to the Red Bull Racing team and I am very grateful for the professional as well as personal attitude to the whole action. Thank you.Another year of the poll is over and the poll of the year 2010 is running, there hasn't been that many votes so far. The readers are probably waiting for the results of the Championship. I am also curious who will come first this year.


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