How Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Honda & ExxonMobil are getting stronger ExxonMobil, Red Bull, Racing, F1, Formule 1 | Constructors F1

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How Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Honda & ExxonMobil are getting stronger ExxonMobil, Red Bull, Racing, F1, Formule 1 | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

How Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Honda & ExxonMobil are getting stronger

| 27.8.19 | Aktuality

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How Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Honda & ExxonMobil are getting stronger


Chief Engineer, Car Engineering, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing


Aston Martin Red Bull Racing are renowned for their ability to develop a Formula One car through a season – and this year, they are proving that once again. Max Verstappen secured their first win of the season in Austria, followed by another in Germany, as they continue to close the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari. Key to that upward trajectory is the strong alliance the team have built with ExxonMobil and Honda, as Chief Engineer, Car Engineering, Paul Monaghan explains…



Esso Synergy race fuel is superb in the power unit. It has been closely developed with our power unit partner Honda and it allows us to extract the most from the power unit as well as protecting it. The race fuel always behaves so our combustion is stable. The Mobil 1 engine oil we use is a high quality product - we have very low engine-wear based on the elements we can find in the oil after each race so each power unit is projected to complete its full life, something that is hugely important in the current era of Formula One. Regardless of how hot we run the engine, the protection for it is superb.


When a new blend of Esso Synergy race fuel is introduced, how much of a performance gain does it usually give Aston Martin Red Bull Racing?

It varies and can be worth over a tenth of a second per lap which could equate to a grid slot at some circuits. We are maximising performance with our current arrangement, but with a new power unit that might become available this year and if we get the fuel upgrade as well, it could be another grid slot again, in terms of performance. Of course, it is all dependent on what the opposition brings but the nice thing is we know that between ExxonMobil and Honda, there is more performance coming. We will take whatever is presented and we will do our best to utilise it and see where we go.


In terms of protection and reliability of the Honda power unit, how crucial is a good engine oil like Mobil 1? Can you give examples where it has saved reliability and secured a result?

In Austria, we needed to run in traffic to pass people after Max Verstappen tumbled down at the start. In 34C ambient conditions, we were trying to keep the bodywork reasonably close for aerodynamic performance. We ran in the wake of people to get past them. Every time you sit in someone's wake, the engine gets a bit warmer, the brakes get a bit warmer, the gearbox gets a bit warmer. Yet there was no sign of damage. The driveshaft grease, gearbox oil and engine oil supplied by ExxonMobil all looked after us superbly. Everything ExxonMobil supplied us with looked after the car in fairly warm circumstances. That means you can put yourself in a position to extract a tow and you can make use of it.


The team enjoyed their first win with Honda in Austria – how important was it to get that under the belt?

It was a fantastic boost. I saw it as just reward for the efforts that have gone in. Everyone involved was doing their best to make the car go that little bit better, whether it's research at ExxonMobil, Honda or at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s base in Milton Keynes. It all came together and unless it comes together you don't necessarily extract the best from the package. And we achieved it again in Germany with a strong showing in qualifying and won the race.


How has the Honda, ExxonMobil, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing relationship evolved this season and how much more is there still to come as you strengthen your working relationship?

From what I understand talking to ExxonMobil people at the track, they are very happy. Speaking to the Honda guys, they are very happy. We're obviously very happy because we're drawing the benefits from the working relationship from ExxonMobil and Honda. We're very privileged.


How much closer do you feel Aston Martin Red Bull Racing is to Mercedes and Ferrari this year, and how much closer is the Honda power unit to rival manufacturers?

We’re making steps and we are getting closer. We’re going to give these guys a hard time and/or beat them. I think it'll be swings and roundabouts. Mercedes could have expected to go to Austria and dominate but we managed to beat them, and Ferrari dropped away from qualifying pace quite significantly in the race. We qualified well and raced better, so let's see what happens during the remainder of the season. It's a sport, it's not supposed to be a known outcome. It's supposed to be competitive. We are supposed to be able to challenge or beat our opposition. We just have to be close enough to do it and we are certainly getting there.


What has impressed you most about Max Verstappen this year?

He's been a revelation since he joined us, winning his first Grand Prix in his first race with us. He's a sensational driver. In Austria, the way he came through the field was determined yet considered. He won that race because he had a greater desire than the others. And in Germany he was just brilliant.




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