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Steering Wheel I. F1,Formule 1, construct, okruhy, závody, grand prix | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Steering Wheel I.

Miroslav Sanytrák | 15.6.05 | Volant

F1 constructors

My grandfather used to teach me drawing, he was a shoemaker and a Wiener,who came to Bohemia as early as under the reign of Emperor Fratisek Prochazka. I got lessons of drawing from professor Souckova at the secondary technical school and lessons of engineering from ing. Krajc, where I had to draft gearboxes and engine casings. Now I am going to plunge myself into engineering and present you - readers - with my first engineering article. There are many circumstances why I have to do so. You decide if it is good or not.

When you say a steering wheel, you usually see something rounded to steer a car, a tractor or an aircraft. You can notice the transfer of the latest F1 technology to road cars - the steering wheels of Ferrari and Maserati are not just an accident.Please note that in one team, each driver has a different steering wheel to suit each individual demand. Each car has, of course, a unique steering wheel. No matter what the steering wheel looks like, it is still the only way of controlling a Formula 1 car.


Typ C


Typ H

F1 Steering Wheels

March 751,1975


Lotus 99T,1987


Beneton Ford 189,1989


Jordan 191,1991


AROWS A19,1998


Sauber Petronas C20,2001


Jordan EJ12, 2002


Renault F1 2003


Ferrari F1 2004


Sauber F1 -Imola 2005


Sauber F1 -Imola 2005 detail


Toyota - F1,2005


Toyota F1


McLaren Mercedes F1


McLaren Mercedes F1

Steering Wheels

Ferrari 360 Modena F1


Ferrari 360 Modena F1-detail


Ferrari 360 Modena Spider


Ferrari 512 TR


Ferrari 575 M


Ferrari 575 M-detail


Ferrari Enzo


Ferrari F430


Ferrari F430 -detail


Maserati Spider


Maserati Spider detail


Maserati MC 12


Maserati MC 12 detail


Maserati Quattroporte


Maserati Quattroporte detail

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