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Stolen victory F1, Formule 1, grand prix, okruhy, závody, motor, monopost, AMG | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Stolen victory

Karel Jílek ,sr./foto J.Křenek | 1.1.70 | Komentáře - K.Jílek Sr. 2009

F1 comments Karel Jílek, jr.

The viewers at the most beautiful and sole natural circuit in the current Formula 1 could witness an unbelievable race as well as unbelievable disdain for rules and the spirit of fair play. What is the matter? A true outsider Fisichella took the first place on the grid, his ride was both faultless and unrivalled, and in spite of all that, the victory was stolen from him! The guilty ones are obviously Raikkonnen and the marshals who are probably getting blind. The first mentioned intentionally and unscrupulously drove around about five cars, had a collision with Kubica returning to the track and jumped to the second position. Everyone saw him, but it didn't even cross anybody's mind to try to investigate the incident, let alone award penalty. All Raikonnen had to do when the Safety Car went in, was to push the magic button (KERS), skip over helpless Fisichella and check his mirrors to win the "Famous" victory at any cost. It is interesting that it has been already the third incident that Ferrari, resp. Raikkonnen got away with. Is it, perhaps, a plaster on their wound after the injured Massa? One more interesting fact to be noted. The first four starting positions quite incidentally featured "youngsters" from four teams of total age one hundred and forty one years. Is it possible that a real racing circuit wouldn't be to the computer generation's liking?

The race itself saw several unpredictable incidents that, even more, stirred the already unusual standings. At the start, Barrichello came up with a mistake and was the last one to leave. Immediately after the already mentioned incident with Raikkonnen, another bad mistake was made by Button, who caused a serial crash and retirement of four cars in his attempt to move forwards. After that, Alonso had to pay his price for the after start scramble and retired because of a troublesome wheel lid. Another mistake, this time a team's, cost Webber his points, as he was released in front of Heidfeld and given a penalty right afterwards. The last incident with a happy ending happened as Barrichello, having fought his way through the complete pack, kept his seventh position with his car burning and evened the score with Red Bulls to the acceptable loss of mere four points.From the results you can see, that except for Vettel and partly also Barrichello, the only ones to score points were outsiders, who have no chance to play any part in the Championship battle five rounds before the end, which remains open. The Fisichella's success is a miracle, the BMW resurrection is a promise. We should remember the fact that both Brawn and Red Bull keep making mistakes under pressure.

Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi Räikkönen,Giancarlo Fisichella



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