Technical specifications of Adam Kout's Superkart MSKART,Adam Kout, motokára | Constructors F1

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Technical specifications of Adam Kout's Superkart MSKART,Adam Kout, motokára | Constructors F1 Constructors F1

Technical specifications of Adam Kout's Superkart

Milan Šimák/ foto Vratislav Ondráček | 25.5.16 | Motokáry Superkart

Technical specification superkart

Chasis – designed and manufactured by MS KART s.r.o. Prachatice – The Czech Republic

Engine is an Italian DEA

It is a two-cylinder, two-stroke engine of 250 ccm displacement. The air intake is controlled by two rotational pushrods. The engine is water-cooled. It comes with DEA carburators of 43 mm diameter. The exhaust system is a Dutch SAMBA with MERLIN mufflers. The engine puts out maximal output about 100 HP at 13,700 rpm. The max torque is 58 Nm at 12,980 rpm. The electronic ignition with a variable ignition advance setting is made in Italy. It enables the ignition advance to be programmed or switched off for shifting. The gearbox has six gear options with sequence shifting. The clutch features a dry lamellar disc clutch. It is controlled by hydraulics system. The transfer of power to the rear axle is ensured by a chain drive. The total gear ratio is adjustable. The gear options of the gearbox must comply with the registration form of the engine. The only changes that the DEA engines allow are at the sixth gear.

1.       Steering wheel. The steering wheel's frame is made of aluminium. The tyre is covered with polyurethane and fitted with a special perforated artificial leather. The diameter of the steering wheel is 320 mm. Manufacturer: Giaciketto, Italy.

2.       Front panel is made of carbon. The panel bears the identification number. There is a part of electric and electronic installation under the panel. Manufacturer: MS KART.

3.       Airbox improves the proper air intake. It is finished with a calm down chamber ending in two DEA carburators, diameter 43 mm. There is an air filter just before the calming chamber. The airbox can increase the air pressure on the carburator port by 4.5 %. It is made of carbon. Manufacturer: S.R.S. (Šimák Racing System).

4.        Front suspension and brake. The suspension is made of steel and it is fixed with three arms. The bottom one is attached firmly to the chasis framework. The inner and the rear ones are attached by spherical joints which allow the geometry of the front axle to be adjusted. Both supports are joined to the steering wheel rod by connection rods. The steering is mechanical – with levers. The front suspension holds the front axle housed in ball bearings. The wheel hub is attached to the outside of the axle. It can be moved along the axle, which can change the track of the front axle. There is a cast iron hollowed brake disc, its diameter is 170 mm. The brake caliper is on the rear part of the front suspension. The caliper is hydraulics, four-piston one with selfadjustable brake pads gap. The pads' gap can also be adjusted manually. All parts are manufactured by MS KART.

5.       Front spoiler is designed for optimal distribution of air in the front part of the kart. It is made of carbon and its adjustable, which can change the downforce on the front axle. Manufacturer: MS KART.

6.       Opening in the front spoiler which is a carbon duct leading the air used to cool down the front brakes.

7.       Front tires are DUNLOPs, their size is 5.5/10-5. There are two types: SLICK – for dry road and WET – for wet one.

8.       Front wheel disc is six inches large, it is made of aluminium or magnesium. There are three opitional widths of the disc: 120, 130 and 150 mm. The discs are either Italian produced DE SANTI, or Australian EDWARDS. There are 4 M5 screws at the foot of the discs, which prevent the tires from coming off the discs under heavy side g-force.

9.       Radiator. There are two radiators. A side one which is placed in the side panel and a rear one, which is fitted between the vertical sides of the rear wing. The radiators are made of aluminium. Manufacturer: BAR – CR.

10.   Rear tires are DUNLOPs. Their size is 8/11-6. Similarly to the front ones there are two types: SLICK – for dry road and WET – for wet one.

11.   Rear wheel disc. Similarly to the front ones the discs are made of aluminium or magnesium of the same producer like the front discs. The discs also feature the safety screws preventing the tires from coming off the discs. There are three optional sizes – 200, 213 and 230 mm.

12.   Rear wing. It consists of eleven carbon parts: one top part with aerodynamic shape, four side walls and six bottom planes generating downforce. The whole set is made of carbon. Manufacturer: MS KART.

13.   Driver's seat and headrest. The seat is made of Kevlar and the headrest is of aluminium. The seat offers a firm support without any unnecessary movement during the ride. The side g-force of the Superkarts reaches as much as 3G. The seat must offer a solid support to the driver, and at the same time it needs to ensure maximum comfort.

14.   Brake balance is ensured mechanically. The driver can change the front/rear brake balance during the drive.

15.    Fuel tank is placed in front of the steering column, under the driver's feet. It is fixed to the carbon floor. The volume is 17.5 l. The maximal allowed capacity is 18 l.The fuel tank is made of aluminium, manufacturer MS KART. The fuel is standardized by FIA. It is a mixture of ELF LMS petrol and ELF XTX 976 oil to the ratio 1:25.





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